#MAKEAMERICAGREAT. Start with Yourself

Feeling the #Notmypresident blues?  I kmow how you feel.   I felt the same way in November of 2008.

Here I am 8 years later living the life I dreampt of. Fullfilling my version of the American dream.  Debt free, or as close as we could be. Money in savings. Careers we both love. Homeschooling our son.

#calexit got you excited?  Well we moved to TX so we could be a part of it if they chose succession to escape communism, so I empathize with you.  Fearing what the future holds.

Take some lessons from me if you would and focus on these 3 things that you can do.

1. Take responsibility 


3 Future Focus

#4 Sign up for the 4 keys to a successful life

Lets break these down a little more.

1 Take responsibility.   I mean for everything.   From your healthcare to your education the answers you seek are within your control.  

I did this and it was one of the greatest joys in life to direct my kwn education and tske responsibility for my health. Especially after my third open heart surgery. 


Now that you have taken responsibility for your education reading is one of the best ways to ensure you daily take action that is going to benefit future you.

It was reading that helped me obercome ny depression, learn about organic gardening and sustainable living. It is how I learned aboit building snd managing assets like time and money.  

3. Focus on the future.  Dream about the world as you would like to see it. Then do something daily to advance that dream. 

I see a world of abundance and automation. A world where people focus in fullfilling their purpose and being their ultimate self in the service of others. That society moves back to a more tribal community while still allowing the opportunity to have air conditioning and travel.  

Everyday for these past 8 years I have worked to be the kind of person who can come beside others and help them learn to love the life they live.  And tondevelop a PLAN to helpnguide them.

#4 Sign up for the 4 keys to a successful life to get the secrets I learned studying the successful people of the world, traveling the world, and trusting in God.  I have summarized everything you need into 4 keys you can apply daily

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